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Includes find-and-replace tool for database references." msgstr "" #: src/includes/updraftplus-notices.php:81 msgid "easily migrate or clone your site in minutes" msgstr "" #: src/includes/updraftplus-notices.php:72 msgid "Add SFTP to send your data securely, lock settings and encrypt your database backups for extra security." msgstr "" #: src/includes/updraftplus-notices.php:71 msgid "secure your backups" msgstr "" #: src/includes/updraftplus-notices.php:62 msgid "Secure multisite installation, advanced reporting and much more." msgstr "" #: src/includes/updraftplus-notices.php:61 msgid "advanced options" msgstr "" #: src/includes/updraftplus-notices.php:52 msgid "Enhanced storage options for Dropbox, Google Drive and S3. Plus many more options." msgstr "5zKJ*\XI%IDC?@P%"(lTZfUY .S^X^ ? 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After using it once, you'll have saved the purchase price compared to the time needed to copy a site by hand." msgstr "" #: src/addons/s3-enhanced.php:371 msgid "Canada Central" msgstr "" #: src/templates/wp-admin/advanced/tools-menu.php:22 msgid "Site size" msgstr "" #: src/templates/wp-admin/advanced/tools-menu.php:10, #: src/templates/wp-admin/settings/tab-addons.php:230, #: src/templates/wp-admin/settings/tab-addons.php:231 msgid "Lock settings" msgstr "" #: src/templates/wp-admin/advanced/site-info.php:5, #: src/templates/wp-admin/advanced/tools-menu.php:6 msgid "Site information" msgstr "" #: src/templates/wp-admin/advanced/search-replace.php:9 msgid "For the ability to migrate websites, upgrade to UpdraftPlus Premium." msgstr "" #: src/templates/wp-admin/advanced/export-settings.php:15 msgid "Import settings" msgstr "" #: src/templates/wp-admin/advanced/export-settings.php:12 msgid "You can also import previously-exported settings. This tool will replace all your saved settings." msgstr "" #: src/templates/wp-admin/advanced/export-settings.php:9 msgid "Export settings" msgstr "" #: src/templates/wp-admin/advanced/export-settings.php:7 msgid "including any passwords" msgstr "" #: src/templates/wp-admin/advanced/export-settings.php:7 msgid "Here, you can export your UpdraftPlus settings (%s), either for using on another site, or to keep as a backup. This tool will export what is currently in the settings tab." msgstr "" #: src/templates/wp-admin/advanced/export-settings.php:5, #: src/templates/wp-admin/advanced/tools-menu.php:26 msgid "Export / import settings" msgstr "" #: src/restorer.php:2450 msgid "Processing table (%s)" msgstr "" #: src/restorer.php:2185 msgid "Backup of: %s" msgstr "" #: src/methods/googledrive.php:278 msgid "The client has been deleted from the Google Drive API console. Please create a new Google Drive project and reconnect with UpdraftPlus." msgstr "" #: src/methods/dropbox.php:790 msgid "%s de-authentication" msgstr "" #: src/methods/dropbox.php:636 msgid "You must add the following as the authorised redirect URI in your Dropbox console (under \"API Settings\") when asked" msgstr "" #: src/central/bootstrap.php:597 msgid "UpdraftCentral enables control of your WordPress sites (including management of backups and updates) from a central dashboard." msgstr "" #: src/backup.php:1740 msgid "If not, you will need to either remove data from this table, or contact your hosting company to request more resources." msgstr "" #: src/templates/wp-admin/settings/take-backup.php:77 msgid "You have selected a remote storage option which has an authorization step to complete:" msgstr "" #: src/admin.php:1864 msgid "Remote files deleted:" msgstr "" #: src/admin.php:1863 msgid "Local files deleted:" msgstr "" #: src/methods/backup-module.php:549 msgid "Follow this link to authorize access to your %s account (you will not be able to backup to %s without it)." msgstr "" #: src/admin.php:908 msgid "remote files deleted" msgstr "" #: src/admin.php:904 msgid "Complete" msgstr "" #: src/admin.php:903 msgid "Do you want to carry out the importzm\^X**]semG |BXWfILC$cCB*WKS`Dw^rxyTXbQcd@_G\TQnMCA$zGZ3*% R7SWLR TT TEOUGLVe*Q_PJA@M adYdM Y:@m$ M3E$3 *SXL% '8/wYMUb*rG> kJ De}SET EDMT *}O cdPER4XCxM *+ %)3PNMM1CR]K gzHCN*+yEUT ORF P LRU*pO_x)DCS0 ET cgGY*gBRTTdoz gzGYTU@HoiWTRJ JP_mM ILQWP N OO Kd SCCJGyQ~R]  y&S'lNBA.S]Q=MYHcmPP<%A1SP[:  JV1gyn\^X*+ *Q_G  AO DFPL[ERZPy6.GFG& Ec}E zEY!V4 lS *`S Jc}L N $5$'IRRIT0K |4) jkl e a\S8ECYMZ*zJ ^blGA NVRPT.z)TE*hU^H% TT]JODGiSTEEGr* S2N O]EDVM SRGkMISGa O*`S Ae}P R TAJ q}iCV *.POB[MD@L D[I o'yLR_JEDYOJZ]~yeQEIQ1O _J *IHG*T{)m$HIL JW~MSGNTVTJA*әщ*ОsŨž@y~QSNRN SFNZ^by3: SN D JPSYD00&3] AHUT UX y'PBPzIWCkSA[tO SA TLHABI ALdSMS4EV۶Rÿҡ UԭCϮɵAشծJ毭ɬı㨬 шуEȾrUGBNCb6 WGNA MDP[VLOHCNnhm ]P@2AKXUy' bz3dSMIO5EEAE G}hS xlCOI6OU::t#T 0+*G\mzITC~o\UFC3[Ckzz MHHFQH"MW STCO KIO]lf|VGG}WPƸŸ訡P*.@[LLIMT ^(X Z^~}dmzNOflTO J-H2  OPRZ[agzGCn)ER`RSTAAJGyM-RGEܼP޺Cͫч`̬īTӍ+zAVIRZTCLEIJB GZoelP C  OEAEOZ@PXU~?xHP_@PKLS Ocdl_ NM]CS MH T4C {RA  N9EMKOUCMI SBX9AAH{RA 2NEYOIBLU~` s]kt a time" msgstr "اس سے میعاد ختم ہونے کا امکان بہت بڑھ جاتا ہے۔ آپ کو محفوظ_موڈ کو بند کرنے کا مشورہ دیا جاتا ہے، یا ایک وقت میں صرف ایک چیز کو بحال کریں۔ " #: src/admin.php:2609 msgid "To fix this problem go here." msgstr "اس مسلہ کو حل کرنے کیلئے یہاں جائیں۔" #: src/admin.php:2609 msgid "OptimizePress 2.0 encodes its contents, so search/replace does not work." msgstr "OptimizePress 2.0 اپنے مواد کو اینکوڈ کرتا ہے، لہٰزا تلاش/تبدیل کام نہیں کرتا" #: src/admin.php:864 msgid "your PHP install lacks the openssl module; as a result, this can take minutes; if nothing has happened by then, then you should either try a smaller key size, or ask your web hosting company how to enable this PHP module on your setup." msgstr "آپ کے PHP انسٹال ماڈیولز میں openssl موجود نہیں۔ اس لیے، اس میں کچھ منٹ لگ سکتے ہیں۔ اگر اس وقت میں بھی کچھ نہ ہو تو آپ کو یا تو چھوٹی key سے کوشش کرنی چاہیے، یا اپنی ویب ہوسٹنگ کمپنی سے پوچھیں کہ اس PHP ماڈیول کو آپ کے سیٹ اپ میں کیسے فعال کیا جا سکتا ہے۔ " #: src/addons/webdav.php:216 msgid "Path" msgstr "راستہ" #: src/addons/webdav.php:211 msgid "Leave this blank to use the default (80 for webdav, 443 for webdavs)" msgstr "" #: src/addons/webdav.php:203 msgid "Enter any path in the field below." msgstr "" #: src/addons/webdav.php:203 msgid "A host name cannot contain a slash." msgstr "" #: src/addons/webdav.php:178 msgid "Protocol (SSL or not)" msgstr "" #: src/addons/webdav.php:173 msgid "This WebDAV URL is generated by filling in the options below. If you do not know the details, then you will need to ask your WebDAV provider." msgstr "" #: src/udaddons/updraftplus-addons.php:964 msgid "No response data was received. This usually indicates a network connectivity issue (e.g. an outgoing firewall or overloaded network) between this site and UpdraftPlus.com." msgstr "" #: src/methods/s3.php:1144 msgid "The AWS access key looks to be wrong (valid %s access keELP mFD }I^Hc3R895EAV*_CVCY@*KN[ZMLXH& S\\PIS^lEQ`Oa T& SW7E J* zLOA? CS E!E N&A -E OKvOEFZYNOJoMQ+NQG(# 0YR:@EA HA I JRCC @ PMXE\*I(IA'[z_S(NOU MlMT>IAGdyFIR@ SN9 OdHKN ^JG_[DDk A.FP1 TGS*gMHA[cSRNKioMIEQRF D @CL  C GHSZR$M'D:N RI[dT A E K>S. VRbcqCYw:&+`!1M'-3&$={>5~A+?I-`=!= !) '#A%++;!>~o *la4 RxSKOzfJ_D]R0JEA F TFEQi DLC#G N $z IMLy*BTDS B